Things to do in Värmdö

To do around the house and further afield.

Around the house you will find:

  • Games. There are both outdoor games (e.g. Kubb) and board games in the house. As well as Xbox, PS3 and 100s of DVDs and books English & Swedish).
  • Fishing. You are welcome to borrow fishing rods and use our rowing boat.
  • Walks. There are several nice walks lasting between 20 mins to 2 hours.
  • Hot-tub. The wooden hot tub seats around 6 comfortably in 37 degree water.
  • Bakery. A cosy little bakery in Stavsnäs village that also does food and pub evenings. Read MORE.

Pictures from around the house:


Pictures from around Värmdö:

A car ride away

  • Stockholm. Read MORE.
  • Skansen. Read MORE.
  • Birka Viking museum. Read MORE
  • Drottningholm Palace. Read MORE.
  • Vasa Museum (recommended!) Read MORE.
  • Gröna Lund amusement park. Read MORE.

Video giving you a quick tour of the capital Stockholm: